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Gospel Mindfulness

Welcome to Gospel Mindfulness, a podcast created to awaken you to the realities of who God is and how he makes a difference in the simple moments of every day. Your co-hosts are Betsy Hart and Geoff Ziegler. 

Dec 26, 2018

"I'm spiritual, not religious." This increasingly common statement has a vagueness to it. What does it mean to be spiritual? Often spirituality is meant to comfort us, but rarely does it make demands on us. True Christianity is different: it is supremely practical, affecting not just our "spirituality," but also...

Dec 19, 2018

Is living morally just a matter of "fake it until you make it?" Not if you are united with Christ! If you have placed your faith in Christ, who you are is fundamentally different. You, in Christ, are merciful, gentle, honest, and loving. All of life is learning to "put on Christ" and become who you already...

Dec 12, 2018

Dec 5, 2018


Christian growth means becoming who we are in Christ. That involves changing direction, learning to put behind us the way we used to be—to lose our old habits, which are no longer true to our identity.

Nov 28, 2018

When you become a Christian, you experience an inexpressibly significant shift in who you are. Christian growth means learning how to be true to your new self.